Artist Interview – Destroy

By November 29, 2019Artist Interview
Artist interview with Destroy

Artist Interview – Destroy

This week we have an interview with one of Perths best graffiti and mural artists Destroy.

See below for the full interview.

Perth Graffiti Artist Destroy

Graffiti Artist from Perth Destroy

Firstly who are you and where & how did you grow up?

My artist name is Destroy I grew up from a dysfunctional family background. My mother was an abusive alcoholic and my father just worked most the time to get away from my mother.


How do you think this affected you on your journey towards being an artist?

I became enthralled in graffiti art and rebellion. Becoming part of graffiti gangs was my escape and family. Graffiti and vandalism was my expression.

When/How did you know you wanted to be a graffiti artist?

When I was young around 11 years old I went on a trip to the city and saw all these names written all over allley way walls. I was so intrigued by it all even just the tags. I wondered who did it and why, I knew it was not supposed to be there. From there I started leaving my name around the area myself and progressed to a more developed style of graffiti piecing.

How did you learn to do what you do?

Just lots practicing on walls and lots of drawing. I am self taught and never done art school or lessons.

What is your dream project?

I don’t know really. Paint a whole submarine or something cool.

mural artist Destroy from Perth

whale mural by Destroy

Your favourite or most inspirational place/spot you have painted at?

I like areas with a good and visible  graffiti and street art scene. Places like Berlin, Paris and Melbourne are some places that I have been that I found inspiring.

What/Who are some of the inspirations for you and your art? 

I have many i like a lot of modern surrealist painters and low brow artists.  In graffiti I like crews like Love Letters, D.T.S, Maclaim and many more to list.

Did this help guide you to where you are today?

Partly I would say that it has inspired me and motivated yeh.

What are your personal goals now and in the future as a professional artist?

I don’t really know I try not to think about the future too much. I am pretty content with what I do.

caravan graffiti art by Destroy

Caravan mural art by Destroy

Tell us a little about how you like to work. (Alone, with others, in phases, details, etc…)

I prefer to work alone on my own jobs.

What direction do you feel your art is going?

I don’t know possibly into more bigger murals.

What’s the biggest misconception other people have of graffiti artists?

They are all vandals and they like to be called street artists.

What are your thoughts on the whole graffiti vs street art battle?

I think it’s good and some points are valid. I mean i was around before there was even a term coined “street art”. People were painting images with aerosol and other mediums long before the word “Street art”. It was either “murals” or “graffiti”.  I don’t have anything against artists who do murals or street art with out a graffiti background but I hate it when one of these artists claims or acts like they are a graffiti artist who has done illegal work.

Graffiti Portrait by Destroy

Airbrush mural by Destroy

If you could share a message with the next generation of graffiti/street artists, what would it be?

Try new things and be original as much as you can.


Any shouts out you you would like to give?

Shout to the Choose Life crew around the world

Thank you very much for your time and we look forward to seeing more of your amazing work.

You can find more of Destory work at:


Perth Graffiti by Destroy

Infamous Perth Graffiti Artist Destroy

Destroy graffiti art

Graffiti by Destroy in Perth

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