Frequently Asked Questions About Murals


How long does a mural take to paint?

This depends on the size of the project and the access times available. But the average time is one to three days.

We don’t like to interrupt our clients operating their business or their customers. So we tend to work weekends or overnight unless they are happy for us to paint during business hours.

What are the steps involved with getting an artist to paint a surface?

Please have a read through “The steps taken to paint a mural” for a full break down of our process

What are the costs involved with getting a mural painted?

  • Price is dependent on size of area to be painted.
  • Level of detail involved as our prices can vary from low to high detail artworks.
  • Materials required – Amount of spray paint required for project or if another medium is required.
  • Timeframe required and access times that can be provided for installation.
  • Equipment hire such as scissor lifts, boom lifts or scaffolding.
  • Management fees to cover meetings and administration for large projects.

Where are you based and do you travel for jobs?

We are based in Sydney, Australia. But we have a team of artists that are Australia wide. That we can get to complete any potential projects in your required state.

Do you have insurance?

Yes we are covered with:

  • Public Liability with 20 million in coverage
  • All our contractors are covered by worker’s compensation
  • We also have Yellow Cards for Elevated Work Platforms
  • White Cards
  • Working with Children Safety Checks
  • Police Clearance Checks.

Do I need to provide a design or do you do it?

We prefer to design and paint all of our artwork. If you have a design you would like then we can discuss this. Though changes will generally have to be made to the client supplied design for various reasons.

We encourage our clients to provide us with reference images of artwork you have seen. That you like and we can provide a concept for you based from, but please note we do not paint other artists work/images.

Can you paint an image I have?

We can paint an image or photo though it needs to be a high quality image. We do not paint other artists work and reserve the right to reject the job if we feel it is another artists design.

How long does a mural last (does the mural fade)?

We use the best quality paint on the market that is UV resistant. If required by the client we can cover the mural with a UV based clear coat or even anti-graffiti coating.

Would a mural deter vandalism on your property?

In most cases yes, though we find the best approach is to incorporate graffiti lettering within the artwork which is painted by a respected graffiti artist.

Should I be worried about the paint fumes?

With indoors jobs we can use a low odour water based paint, if there isn’t adequate ventilation or you are concerned about fumes.

Do you paint at live or public events and is there any health risks involved?

Yes, we do paint at live and public events and will also ensure the area will be protected from any possible spray paint contamination. We also provide to these clients and those who request it a MSDS sheet that can help assure you that the paint we carefully selected is a safe method to use in these events. To which there maybe large numbers of people.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us a message. 

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