Donate your Wall for Art

Murals Australia Wide



Do you have a wall that is dull and needs some brightening up or perhaps your wall is targeted by vandals?


Why not consider a graffiti mural or a street art mural to be painted as it’s been proven to liven up communities and bring to life an otherwise bland surface.

The Blackbook Ink mural team are looking for people to donate their wall to be painted with some mural art. As we are on the search for walls to paint Australia wide (preferably around major cities and surrounding suburbs).

To let our artists have free reign with there creativity.

If we can be provided with a wall that is:

  • Viewable to the public. For example a wall that is facing the street so that other people can enjoy the artwork as well. 
  • Be provided with written permission from the owner/landlord of the property to paint the wall with free artistic reign.
  • We would be happy to paint the wall at no cost at all. (As long as the artist can paint anything they like that is not offensive)

Otherwise if you have a theme or idea in mind that you would like to have painted, please contact the team so we can discuss this further in detail.

Though charges will apply depending on the amount of free artistic reign the mural artist has.

These charges could be potentially the cost of the materials or potentially a quoted project. Being that the artist is restricted within the theme or idea in mind.

So if this is something you would be interested in then fill out the details on the form below.

Providing us with the information as below.
  • Location of wall
  • Size of area to be painted
  • Photo of the wall
  • Contact name and number

newtown street art

Wall painted by Asone and Yoke in Newtown.

newtown graffiti

Wall painted by Asone in Newtown