Live Art


At live art events Blackbook Ink artists draw and paint while crowds watch on.

Our artists have created masterpieces performing at nightclubs, parties, festivals and conventions in front of amazed spectators across Australia. The way we work is new and exciting and always creates a buzz as a main attraction, accompaniment or interval spectacle.

From club nights, parties and exhibitions to business meetings and promotional events. Our clients have used our graffiti artists to draw huge attention to their products whilst creating a live art attraction. We can work on any surface or provide custom lightweight paneling which can be stored for future events.

We also offer a high energy speed painting and performance art service which creates maximum impact.

Live clothing customisation is always a smash hit at parties and events. Our graffiti artists can tag personalised designs onto hats or shirts as your guests look on. We can also provide an interactive Graffiti Wall where participants can get creative and we are often asked to design life size portraits or props to fit a party’s theme.

We can run activities indoors and out and use fume-free alternatives to traditional spray paint where necessary. There are a myriad of different options available and we can tailor specific packages to meet your needs so think outside the box and book us now for your next event.