At event functions Blackbook Ink artists paint while crowds watch on.

Our artists create custom artworks live at nightclubs, parties, festivals, promotional events and conventions in front of amazed spectators across Australia. The way we work is new and exciting and always creates a buzz as a main attraction, accompaniment or interval spectacle.

Our clients have hired our graffiti artists to draw attention to their products. Whilst creating a live art attraction to get people talking and interacting with their brand or product.

Our team are able to paint or draw on various surfaces such as canvas, clothing and we even have the option for our clients to have us supply a large temporary wall for the event.

We can run activities indoors and out and use fume-free alternatives to traditional spray paint where necessary. To ensure there is no risk to the area or those who will be attending the event.

There is a myriad of different options available and we can tailor specific packages to meet your needs. So think outside the box and contact us.

Speak with our expert team on how we can make your event the next big hit.

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