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By April 3, 2017
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Graffiti Art


For the past 25 years Blackbook Ink’s professional graffiti artists have been bringing an exciting new vision to the presentation of graffiti art design. Working in offices, hotels, fitness gyms and a host of other locations, Blackbook Ink have designed and painted the most incredible, visually stimulating and inspiring graffiti art, street art murals, graphic design, signage, canvas artworks and illustrations.


It may seem a strange idea to some people to hire graffiti artists, but there is a power and dramatic impact that radiates from graffiti wall art. Our work not only captures people’s attention but holds it and gets them thinking positively about the message and the organization that commissioned the work.


Based in Melbourne, Blackbook Ink have highly experienced, fun and creative graffiti artists for hire who have produced some truly wonderful artworks and murals. Please have a look at our Portfolio web-page to get an idea of the amazing variety of our work. We are also more than happy to undertake international work.


When you hire a graffiti artist you are echoing a very ancient motivation that goes all the way back to our ancestors, the cave-painters from more than 40,000 years ago. It is a very ancient desire for mankind to translate their thoughts into pictures. Graffiti has been found in early Greek, Egyptian and Roman cultures. Often used to convey political messages or to highlight social problems, graffiti has a long history of conflict with “the authorities” of their day.


It has now evolved into a dynamic art-form all its own, with strong links to popular culture and a stunning ability to produce high-impact and visually appealing art that draws people’s attention and stops them in their tracks.


Melbourne City has rightly earned a reputation for being a centre for street art, the City of Melbourne has acknowledged that “public spaces provide a ready stage for artists” and the City regularly approves permits for work to brighten, lighten and make the city a more fun place to live and work.


This sensible attitude has produced many highly skilled graffiti artists. Melbourne City actively promotes street art and by doing so has greatly reduced illegal, poor quality graffiti and ensured good quality, meaningful art that contributes to the overall pleasure of city living. Have a wander through Hosier and Rutledge lanes, Flinder’s Court or Croft Alley and you can see how graffiti can change for the better the whole look and feel of an environment.


The economist, Elizabeth Currid-Halkett, associate professor at the University of Southern California, has researched the impact of graffiti and street art in our modern, urban environment. She highlights the very strong relationship between the cultural activity of a city and its economy. “When you see graffiti, it’s really a sign of many more interesting, creative things going on.” She notes that cities that have more street art tend also to be artistic and cultural centres.


Some graffiti is associated with declining city areas. Spontaneous “tagging” (someone writing their name in graffiti style) is seen by many as undesirable. There is an increasing body of research, however, that shows that large-scale wall paintings and good quality street art can and will change the way people feel about an area and it can even be part of dynamic urban regeneration.


It is worth pointing out the difference between graffiti and street art. In his paper, “Artist Driven Initiatives for Art Education: What We Can Learn From Street Art,” G. J. Daichendt points out that “Graffiti, by definition is a text-based art form that involves writing one’s name or the name of something important to the artist on a public surface”. However, “street art is less concerned with letters but emphasizes the visual image, contextual use of space, and uses a wider range of materials that extend beyond the spray can”.


This important observation highlights the fundamental difference between graffiti and street art. Street art is legally sanctioned, carefully planned and much more artistic. Illegal and poor quality graffiti can add to the “grunge” of an area and can generate a look of anarchy and loss of control.


Street art does not produce these negative feelings. Street art adds to the artistic appeal of an area and makes a strong connection between the people and their environment: it creates a happier, more productive community.


Blackbook Ink is proud to be part of this powerful and innovative way of thinking and has extended the idea to include office workspaces, residential homes, restaurants, cafés, gyms, schools and special events; for example, The Big Bash League red carpet event at the carriage works in Redfern, where our artist “As one” live-painted an inspiring and delightfully interesting graffiti art canvas onto a plywood frame specially built for the purpose, which can also be stored for future use.


We can work on just about any surface, inside or out and any size from small to huge. We have many different clients, some big corporations, such as SONY and Warner Brothers, to smaller organizations such as schools, local councils and fitness gyms. We can do privately commissioned work, special projects for parties and live painting events that capture people’s imaginations and take them on a ride into fantasy.


Before our clients decide to hire a graffiti artist we meet with our clients and discuss in detail their vision. They may present us with artwork they would like to use as a starting place for their final concept. Our experienced team will take our clients ideas and run with them, always enhancing and improving the overall concept and suggesting innovative ways to present the artwork and our client’s important messages. (Please note that our graffiti artist for hire will not duplicate the work of another artist and Blackbook Ink reserves the right to refuse work that we feel will infringe this rule.)


These meetings are often dynamic and hugely rewarding events. Our team has done so many very different jobs we can offer very inspiring ideas to really get to the heart of your vision and turn it into a vibrant and awe inspiring artwork that powerfully conveys your chosen message. We have a three stage process designed to produce exactly our client’s vision.


Stage One – Design Consultation.


This is our initial meeting during which our client will present their idea, including artwork that helps to convey their exact vision. During this meeting we will take photographs, measurements and survey the area chosen for the work. This enables us to determine what materials and equipment will be required. We do some pretty huge jobs that often require special equipment.


We then submit a detailed quotation that outlines all the expected costs involved and includes our standard terms and conditions. We charge a “design fee” for this service which is paid before moving on to stage two. The client, however, only pays for this design process and is not in any way committed to the total cost of the project until they sign their approval of the final agreed design.


Stage Two – Concept Development.


Now that we have a clear idea of the objective of the message and the imagery involved we begin the construction of ideas and radical themes for the artwork. We normally manage to complete this essential work within 7-10 working days, although depending upon how many projects we have on the go, this time period can vary.


We then produce a mock-up image which is overlaid on a picture of the intended location to give our clients as good a vision of the final result as possible. This is very important because it can be hard to make changes once the work has started.


Once this is formally approved we request a payment of 50% of the remaining price as shown in our detailed quotation, less the design fee. We can then go ahead and source the materials we will require for that specific job. Bearing in mind the vast differences in the surfaces we work upon, this also is critical. We are all too aware that our work must conform to sometimes stringent health and safety considerations.


We can then agree a date and time for the artwork to begin. We always ensure we choose a time that is convenient for both parties, and, more importantly, that does not disrupt the normal operations of our client. We fully understand that our clients can not stop their normal business operations and we therefore offer to do the work at weekends or by working through the night. Our large scale murals usually also require scaffolding or an elevated platform for our artists to work safely, this will be dropped off at the site for the duration of the project.


Stage Three – Mural Installation.


Our artists will then arrive on site and prepare the area, making sure that no other parts of the client’s property might be damaged. They will also conduct a safety inspection to make sure the artists have a safe place to work and that there are no safety hazards.


Once a safe working environment has been established the job of installing the mural on the chosen surface can begin. Blackbook Ink always endeavour to complete the work on time and with as little disruption to the client as possible.


Once the artwork has been completed our team will completely tidy up the area, making sure to clean-up any mess that we might have made. Our objective is to leave the workplace exactly as we found it before we started.


We then ask for a final confirmation from our client that the artworks are as defined in the design consultation and that they are completely happy with the final result. Once this is confirmed we then ask that the final payment is made.



Graffiti Art and Vandalism


One of the first thoughts to go through people’s minds when the word “graffiti” is mentioned is “vandalism”, or some other description of illegal activity. While this is true in non-managed situations, the use of street-based graffiti art has been proven to be an effective deterrent to further acts of non-sanctioned activity. Indeed, street art is often accepted by the local population as a distinct improvement. In addition, the art-form’s links, especially with the young, and with ordinary people in general make the result a genuine part of the local culture. Street art is now recognised as a good way to help develop and improve run-down areas and bring life and energy to otherwise depressed areas.


For local council’s with a graffiti problem, hire graffiti artist and install vibrant and popular street art. This will prove to be much more cost efficient than regular cleaning, installing CCTV cameras and beefing up police and security patrols, none of which are usually popular with local people.




We are delighted to take on jobs that involve interior work. Many of our clients are shop-fitters, interior designers, marketing agencies or just simply ordinary people who want something extraordinary at their home or workplace.


We also do feature walls in corporate offices and workshops, indeed we have worked in some very unexpected places. We have successfully worked with large clients such as Stamford Hotels, Warner Brothers, SONY, New Balance, Fox Sports and Swarvoski to name a just few of our very happy customers.


Blackbook Ink was awarded “winner” in 2015 in the Local Business Awards in NSW.


We also delight in offering “live-art” mural paintings, which is a wonderful way to get everyone involved in what is always a real fun thing to do.