Understanding The Background Of Lion Canning Awareness By Mural Art

By September 26, 2016Art News

Understanding The Background Of Lion Canning Awareness By Mural Art

The team at Blackbook Ink has joined up with Four Paws Australia to help raise awareness about canned lion hunting and the devastating effect it has on the lions in South Africa.

Four Paws is trying to raise awareness of a disturbing trend thats currently happening in South Africa where lions are being breed in captivity for the specific purpose of growing them only for people to be able to “hunt” them in a enclosed space to ensure they successfully have a “trophy”.

This is the most extreme form of trophy hunting that is called “Canned Hunting”. There is over 1,000 animals killed in these conditions every year, most of these are lions which are served to their hunters on a silver platter. These lions are born in captivity and are taken away from their mothers just hours after birth so that they can be used in petting zoos. When the lions come of age they are then separated so they can spend the rest of their lives in caged compounds waiting to be released in a larger compound. So the “hunter” can then select the animal of their choice for the so called ‘canned’ hunt.

We are looking for your help so we can raise further awareness of this horrendous Canned Hunting. So if you could help us out by being the landlord or owner of the building by giving us permission to paint a wall on the side of your home or business that would be greatly appreciated. We are ideally hoping to get a wall that is roughly two stories high so we can paint a  large scale mural for Four Paws to help them raise awareness against Canned Hunting. So if you think you have the right space and would like to get involved by showing your support for this cause by giving us permission to create a mural on your wall. Then get in contact with our team to discuss this further.

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